Sparrow is looking for a forever home.

He is going to be a very big boy.
Pictured at 12 weeks, weighing 40 Lbs

Sparrow was diagnosed with Microphthalmia. Basically it is a small globe that never formed correctly. It can occur early in fetal development secondary to a failure of formation of the optic vesicle, through failure of normal growth and expansion of the optic cup. His other eye is perfectly fine and he is healthy and strong.
My vet feels he wont lose full vision from his eye, it just wont be fully formed like the other eye. Sparrow does not need any special eye care nor future eye surgery. He is a normal puppy with a mild malformation of his eye. SPARROW IS NOT FREE.
We are asking $1500, firm with a non breeding contract.

Contact us here redlegends@xplornet.ca

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