If Tears,
Could Build a Stairway,
And Memories a Lane,
I’d Walk Right Up,
To Heaven and Bring You,
Home Again.

Bronze De Domaine D’Aquitaine

Sheba de la Valle de Goliath

Jealous Jenny

Ace Vom Tiefenbach (AKA: Duke)

Rainbow Bridge
Just this side of heaven is a place called the
Rainbow Bridge.
When a much loved animal dies, it goes to Rainbow Bridge.
It runs and plays with special friends, in the rolling meadows and hills. There, animals are restored to health and content, but still miss the special people they have left behind.
There comes a day when a frolicking pet suddenly stops and looks into the distance. With bright eyes and eager body, it spots you and begins to run from it’s friends. Reunited, you embrace in a shower of happy tears and kisses. You look into the eyes of your beloved pet and realize that your love for each other will always live on.
Finally together, you cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Inspired by a Norse Legend