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    How long have you lived at this residence?

    If renting, do you have landlord permission to keep a pet?

    Any restrictions? (size, type, etc):

    If so, please list/describe:

    If you live in an Apartment or Condominium: Do you have green areas in which to exercise your puppy?

    If you live in a house, is your yard fenced?

    If not, how do you propose to contain your puppy/dog while they outside?

    Do you currently use a veterinarian?

    If yes, please provide details of the veterinarian:

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    May we contact your veterinarian for a reference?

    Have you ever given a pet away?

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    Have you ever surrendered an animal to Animal Control?

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    Have you ever been charged with animal neglect, cruelty, fighting or other offenses?

    If yes, were you convicted?

    Do you currently own any other animals?

    If yes, what kind, and how many?

    Do you have a spouse, partner, children or other person(s) residing with you?

    If so, what ages are they and will they be helping to care for the puppy/dog?

    Are you looking for a more laid back puppy or one who is much more active?
    More ActiveMore Laidback

    Where will the puppy/dog be kept during the day? Night?

    Will someone be available to feed/water/exercise the puppy/dog while you're at work?

    Will the puppy/dog be kept indoors or outside?

    Are you or your spouse/partner in the military?

    If Yes, what are your plans to care for your puppy/dog if/when you PCS?

    Are you willing to maintain contact with us and send us regular updates on your puppy?

    If not for show, will you agree to spay/neuter the puppy/dog at 24-30 months of age?

    If this puppy is intended for show purposes please list your KC club, phone number and a contact reference (must be on board or acting officer):

    Do you know the difference between Full and Limited Registration?

    Why have you chosen Dogue De Bordeaux for your next companion?

    Why RedLegends?

    Are you currently in contact with any other breeders?

    If you are, then are you currently on any waiting lists?

    Are there any other references or information that you would like us to consider in consideration of your application?

    We know this is a long and detailed questionnaire and we thank you for taking the time to answer our questions thoroughly and truthfully. Although it is only one step in the process it lends us valuable information to match the right puppy with the right home.
    Thank you,
    RedLegends Bordeaux

    ** Filling out and returning this questionnaire does NOT guarantee you a puppy from RedLegends.**

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